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Vesca Montana kennel is commited to breeding sable shetland sheepdogs for 10 years. All dogs and bitches currently in the kennel are Interchampions and vast majority of Interchampions in Poland have dogs bred by us in their pedigree. Shelties sired by our dogs live in many European coutries and in the USA.


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Hodowla “Vesca Montana”
Anna i Krystyna Szulc,
Ma³gorzata Przepiórka

phone: +48 (22) 624 27 39
mobile: +48502700154, +48503070190, +48501133427

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Did you know?

  • Shetland sheepdog is separate breed not the miniature version of collie rough. Sheltie and collie are related but besides of size they differ in many characteristics.
  • Sheltie was registered as a breed in 1914. We know ascendants of our dogs since 1906!
  • Sheltie is one of the most inteligent breeds. They often win agility courses and companion dog contests
  • Sheltand sheepdogs cannot stand rough treatment, yelling or excessive noise. While training them you can achieve much more using praise and treats.
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